Open doors


After more than fifteen years of renovationg our 200 year-old beauty we are finally opening our door of Homestead of adventures Tešnak. We have four apartments, a dining room and big multi-purpose common room to offer.

As our guests you will reside in apartments equipped in antique, old-fashioned style with a hint of present day living. During the stay, you can participate in diverse workshops. Or you can just enjoy the delights of the nature, that surrounding area offers in abundance.

Many speakers, interesting people and seekers for inner beauty contributed their knowledge in our opening workshop weekend. Throughout varied workshops everyone could find something valuable for them. The program started on Friday with assembling of the participants, opening presentation and domestic dinner. Then we gathered in common room, where topmost musicians prepared a musical treat for us. Two professors of flute Nataša Paklar and Luka Železnik and young student Hana Kavčič enchanted us with their harmony of three flutes. After the concert, we listened to presentation of The Book of Knowledge from Manas society.

Tesnak,Odprta vrata; Tesnak, domačija doživetij;

On saturday morning Luka Železnik explained us his path of mystical, spiritual experiences and introduced us to his world of poetry. In continuation we learned several breathing techniques and cleaning of our inner space with breath from Srečo Berce and Nataša Paklar. Boštjan Kragl and Rok Rotar relaxed us with sound therapy with gong. Psychotherapist Ksenija Širnik presented the theory of attachment. After the lunch three masseuses started their pampering treatments with their magical hands. Evening was completed with calming yoga practice under the guidance of Urban Eržen.

Tesnak,Odprta vrata; Tesnak, domačija doživetij;

On Sunday morning after delicious breakfast we learned techniques of self-help with therapist Sabina Rožen, she presented EFT method and Sedona method. Jernej Kocjančič shared his story and medetation with us. We continnued with qi-gong under the leadership of Marjana Močnik. Official part of our sociolising ended with another concert of our musicians, which took us in wonderful place in ourselves. In pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and chating about events of this weekend we seperated late at night.

Tesnak, domačija doživetij

Homestead hosted their guests with excellent home cooking and offered them accommodation. All the participants abstained from their commission. This kind of unselfish giving is wonderful, because everyone has something to give and receives a lot.

We are looking forward to our next workshop weekend at our home that will be from 13-15. January. We can’t wait to see you!



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