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Homestead of adventures Tešnak is preparing on long avaited Christmas holidays that are ahead of us. Many people are in happy anticipation of the presents and all the delights that New year brings with it Feverish haste, buying gifts, entertainment, partys and all the external splendour are increasingly showing that all these things are not fulfilling our quiet cravings for peace, hapiness and health that our soul longs for.

The main supporter of creativity on homestead Tešnak, Marjeta, invited us to attend a creative workshop. First we made festive cards. Unique drawings drawed with glue, coated in paints became quite masterpieces. It brings me joy, to think with what pleasure, will I send these winter fairytale like cards to my beloved and closest relatives, friends. When adding a lovely thought and wish from the heart, card makes a perfect gift.

Throughout the evening I was observing the others. Much joy was in the air! You could hear relaxed conversation, laughter and feel playfulness, easiness. It doesn’t matter how old one is, creation enchants whomesoever. Because one can discover how many beautiful talents are hidden inside of us, that we don’t even know about. In the end we were glowing like the cards that glittered in rainbow colours and filled us with enthusiasm for life and new adventures.

Secondly we braided wreaths from natural materials that can be found in the woods. We decorated the eternal and endless circles with greenery, fruits of the forest, dried fruits and all the other ornaments that we could found. Creating brought us that priceless enjoyment when our imagination freely plays as a wind. Every one of us made a wreath of hope for our own home. At the end we also made a couple of them together, for this warm homestead that always welcomes us openhandedly with great kindness.

Tešnak, domačija doživetij

Creating at homestead of adventures Tešnak was a great introduction to forthcoming holidays. To make something by yourself, to give a small piece of yourself – this is a true path to hapiness that sleeps inside of us.

Dearest Marjeta, we are gratefull that we were given the opportunity to create together with our hands. May your future creations be abundantly blessed.



Jana (friend of Tešnak’s)

Tesnak, domačija doživetij

Tešnak, domačija doživetij

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