Hike to Slajka

Hiking route starts at our homestead of adventures Tesnak. Behind the old house the path goes over the meadow, past the hayrack where three Icelandic horses are residing and along field of home-grown vegetables where you can peek what Marjeta is growing there. Down the path you can observe the rocks that are the same colour as Tesnak house. You can pick diverse flowers and herbs or you can take a break and rest in cool shadows of the woods. Bela, that is the name of the meadow hillside behind the house, is a wonderful viewpoint for Hotavlje which is surrounded by hills.

At top of Bela the road goes through the forest and transforms into hilly footpath suitable for everyone that craves to get some fresh air. Especially beautiful is part of the path that looks like settled spruce avenue, through which the sunlight gently shines. At this point of the hike you can gaze into the sky and see the peak of Slajka which tempts us to ascend to the top. Where a beautiful view on Blegoš, Črni vrh and other hills awaits us.

Tesnak, homestead of adventures

Then we cross yarrow covered meadow that leads us to crossroads with asphalt road. The peak of Slajka is therefore accessible also by car or in the night. Silence and peace expand over the intact nature. At the top there is usually windy which creates mysterious atmosphere intertwined with the melodies of whispering forest. Wandering around Slajka offers us moments of childlike excitement for untouched nature’s beauties; peace that everyone of us needs to calm dawn the tracks of everyday bustle; and space for playing, which is welcoming to everyone – young, adults and those who do not have time to grow old.

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